My new love… River Cruising







I first fell in love with the idea of going on a river cruise years ago. It was generously donated as a first prize for a trip raffle I was promoting. I needed to learn all I could about river cruising in order to promote it. I was instantly head over heels and immediately added it to my bucket list. This summer I was able to check it off my list. Paul and I have been waiting for the perfect opportunity and it was upon us. I met with Patti Stevens from The Travel Gallery. Patti has been training a group of us for several  months. She gave me some advice and several travel books to get me started. I also took a few courses in river cruises and became an AmaWaterways Specialist. After researching the different cruise lines and cruise destinations we decided on AmaWaterways!  Next we needed to figure out which countries we’d like to explore. That wasn’t easy because we both want to see EVERYTHING AND GO EVERYWHERE! We decided on “Europe’s Rivers & Castles” and added the pre-trip to Prague along with the post-trip to Paris. This cruise also happened to be a wine cruise! All of our favorites rolled into one, it was absolutely perfect!


We arrived  in the early morning after a very restful and pleasant flight. We grabbed our bags and was greeted by an AmaWaterway Representative holding a sign with our name on it. This was the beginning of our “being taken care of” experience with AmaWaterways. I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have someone else making all the arrangements for two whole weeks! They didn’t miss a beat and we were able to relax and enjoy the entire trip. The Representative arranged our transportation to the Hotel Prague Cosmopolitan We were lucky and our room was ready when we arrived. After checking in we went down to the AmaWaterways information desk and met our Cruise Manager, Raul Dederichs. He accompanied us for the next two weeks and he and the entire staff were amazing! He was a wealth of information, always willing to help, kept everyone on schedule and took great pride in his position. Add to that charming and fun and what more could we have asked for! Check back soon for more info on Prague & my river cruise!


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